Experience the Black Hills on Our RZR 1000s.

We provide the industry's most popular off-road recreational vehicle, the Polaris RZR 1000, available in two-seat and four-seat versions. If your looking for ATV rentals near me you'll enjoy extreme performance in any situation as the RZR 1000 is optimally engineered with a balanced chassis that perfectly complements its power, suspension and agility. The cockpit has intuitive controls, just like your everyday vehicle, that includes a digital display cluster for easy navigation. LED headlights, accent lights and taillights greatly enhance your UTV's visibility in all kinds of weather. This UTV rental is so agile and responsive that it practically reads your mind.

Basic Riding Techniques

  • High and Low Gear - A great key to remember when operating your ATV rental is that high and low gear are there for a reason. It can be very hard on the machine when you operate it at high speeds in low gear as well as low speeds in high gear. Driving your UTV at low speeds in high is very hard on the belt and it may blow apart the belt on your rental machine resulting in us having to come out and make repairs. So always remember if you are traveling under 25 mph to keep your machine in the low gear setting. If you plan on traveling at high speeds on your rental machine keep it in high gear but do not exceed 68 mph. Exceeding 68 mph or traveling at higher speeds in low gear results in over revving of the engine and can cause serious damage to the ATV. One last thing to remember you always need to be completely stopped when switching gears on an ATV rental. If you try to switch gear while on the move, costly damages will occur.
  • Proper Posture - Good posture is key when driving as you should always be aware of your surroundings. Put yourself in the best available position by making sure your head is always up and your eyes are searching the terrain ahead. Your shoulders should be relaxed and your hands should always be on the wheel.
  • Turning Basics - When driving and riding in a UTV, always maintain your center of gravity. When heading into a turn, shift your body position and weight into the turn. It's more critical for you to do so than your passengers, however, they should follow your lead. The sharper the turn, the more you will need to shift your body weight. If you do do this, the UTV will end up rolling in the opposite direction, making the ride unbalanced. If it feels like you are about to tip over, let off of the gas and try to straighten out the machine. Slamming on the brakes in some instances may result in you rolling your ATV rental.
  • Climbing Hills - Hills can easily deceive a novice UTV driver. Always use common sense by not traversing a grade that is steeper than what you think you can handle. When handing a hill, try to imagine how your body would feel if you were simply hiking. What would your position be? You would lean forward with your head positioned in front of our body's center of gravity. Use the same concept when climbing in your UTV by leaning forward. If you lean backward, you will end up off balance and could roll backward. Before ascending, shift into a lower gear, which will give you more power.
  • Descending Hills - Similarly, when descending, imagine yourself walking down a hill and think once again about your posture. Instead of leaning forward this time, you'll need to lean backward to keep your vehicle from gaining too much momentum and speed. Make sure to position your head behind your center of gravity. When positioned ahead of the center, you'll have a greater chance of flipping over. Remember to ask your passengers to do the same.

Our Cancellation Policy:

We understand that life happens, if for some reason you are unable to keep your reservation, we ask at least a 5 day notice so that we are able to find someone else to rent the machine, though the deposit that was taken upon booking is non-refundable, the card on file will not be charged for the remaining balance. If a cancellation is made the day of the reservation or the renters fail to show up, the entire amount due will be charged to the credit card on file at 11:00 am.