Camp 5 Trailhead

This is the most popular gateway the National Forest System in the Deadwood area. Some trails can be difficult as they wind through boulder fields and in an out of creek beds. Trails 8041 and 8040 on the western end of the trailhead are two of the most popular and are open from May 15 to December 15. Access the trailhead by taking Main Street in Deadwood to U.S Highway 14 Alt and turn right onto Camp 5 Road.

Centennial Trailheads

You'll find several paths to adventure here. Although five separate trailheads begin here, most are devoted to bicycling, hiking and horseback riding. Off-road vehicles smaller than 62 inches wide are allowed on the Dalton Lake Trailhead and the Pilot Knob Trailhead.

The Dalton Lake Trailhead allows motorized and non-motorized traffic, so be aware of hikers and the like. The Centennial Trail portion to Dalton Lake is 12.8 miles long, going to the Elk Creek Trailhead. You'll go through forests, cross season streams and view amazing vistas. The trail climbs quickly, allowing you to overlook Vonocker Canyon.

Pilot Knob Trailhead is great for day rides. Located about one mile off Highway 385 on Forest Service Road 208, this trail has a lot of exposed slate rock, making your ride different than other paths in the system.

Piedmont Trailhead

This trailhead is on the eastern side of the Northern Hills system. Most trails here are open May 15 to December 15, but some stay open year-round. In addition to pine forests, these trails will take you through large meadows and have climbs that take to you spectacular overlooks. Access this trailhead by traveling to Sturgis and taking National Forest Services Road 144.

Red Lake Trailhead

Families shouldn't miss this area. You'll travel across old logging roads and through Aspen groves. Fall is a great time to visit because of the spectacular colors. If you wish, you can park your UTV in designated areas to access hiking routes to Spearfish Canyon. Trailhead signs are at the intersection of National Forest Service Roads 134 and 134.2W.

Riley Hill Trailhead

Beginners and experienced riders alike will find something on the Riley Hill trails, located just south of Roubaix Lake an extending to the north of the Pactoal Reservoir. Ride on old logging roads for a quiet trek or select a narrow, single-track road for more adventure. You'll even find something in between here. From Deadwood, take U.S. Highway 385 south to Rochford Road. Turn on Trail 8214 and look for the signs that announce the trailhead.

South Boxelder Trailhead

Some of the most scenic views of the forest are available on trails traveled by a side by side rental in the Black Hills. During the summer the route between South Boxelder and Pilot Knob is very popular. It's also one of the few routes to Nemo that is open year-around. Access this trailhead by traveling to Nemo by ging to Boxelder Forks Road, which turns into National Forest System Road 140, taking you directly to the trailhead.

Spearfish Quarry Trailhead

If you are a beginning UTV renter, this is the perfect area for an initial excursion as the U.S. Forest Service designed this trail specifically for inexperienced riders. You'll find four short trails accessible from the trailhead that are easy going. The Quarry is one of two open riding areas designated within Black Hills National Forest. Trails here are also ideal if you intend to go in the fall to see the changing leaves. You can also park your vehicle to hike as some of the most popular foot trails are accessible here.

Stageyard Trailhead

The six trails that begin at this trailhead represent another area that is perfect for a family outing in the summer. Located adjacent to Spearfish Canyon, these trails will take you to a number of interesting locations that include Cartersville Ghost Town, Crooks Lake, Cooks Fire Towner, Custer's Cooler, Dumont Ghost Town and Spearfish Creek and Falls. Most of the trails follow old logging routes and run through stands of ponderosa pine and spruce trees. Be aware that some of the trails are popular with hunters during the fall hunting season. Access the trailhead by proceeding to Hannah Campground and then turning southwest on Long Draw Road.