Black Hills ATV Rentals

Black Hills ATV Rentals


We provide the industry's most popular off-road recreational vehicle, the Polaris RZR 1000, available in two-seat and four-seat versions. If your looking for ATV rentals near me you'll enjoy extreme performance in any situation as the RZR 1000 is optimally engineered with a balanced chassis that perfectly complements its power, suspension and agility. The cockpit has intuitive controls, just like your everyday vehicle, that includes a digital display cluster for easy navigation. LED headlights, accent lights and taillights greatly enhance your UTV's visibility in all kinds of weather. This UTV rental is so agile and responsive that it practically reads your mind.


We are proud to offer 2019 Polaris RZR 1000S and 2019 Polaris RZR S4 1000.

Side by Side Rentals

Get outside and discover life is what travelers to the Black Hills near Deadwood, SD, love to do. No matter what time of year you come to this area, you'll find a world of ever-changing and pristine beauty. Lakes and streams are abundant with fish, while the area has extensive trail systems for bikers, hikers and off-road enthusiasts. Sure, you can see and experience a lot even on backwoods roads, but the way to really enjoy the scenery and fun that South Dakota has to offer is by picking up multi-person ATV rentals near Deadwood, SD. They are also commonly called a UTV’s or side by sides.

Why choose ATV rentals in the Black Hills?

There is simply no better way to experience the Black Hills than on UTV rentals from Mad Mountain Adventures. You can literally ride for hours on end on local trails and see sights that you might not be able to reach on foot, especially if you are pressed for time. Riding out in the wilderness is an ideal way to reconnect with your significant other. It's also a great way to introduce your family to nature. Picking up one of our Black Hills ATV rentals will put a sense of adventure into your life. Whether you're a middle-aged couple, out on a guys' weekend or a girls' weekend, or just want a change from the ordinary, do something different and see the Black Hills by UTV. Make your ride as relaxing or as exhilarating as you want. The choice is yours. What you'll end up with is the vacation of a lifetime and memories that you will never forget. As you are already staying at one of the best resorts in the area, here's your chance to make your vacation even better.

We Make It Easy for You

You don't have to leave the Lead/ Deadwood area to get your Black Hills UTV rentals. We have a ride in ride out location near Rec Springs so that you can craft your own off-road adventure at a pace that suits you. ATV rentals in the Black Hills are available to anyone 18 years of age or older for half-day, full-day and multi-day contracts. We'll provide you with fun, easy-to-drive and reliable ATV rental machines as well as associated gear for your rental, including helmets and additional equipment, all at great prices. Providing you with the right gear for your experience is part of the process.

Riding UTV Trails in the Black Hills Near Deadwood

You'll find plenty of riding trails for beginners and experienced riders alike in the area near Deadwood. Vacationers can literally spend days traversing the terrain and stopping to enjoy the scenery, go fishing or just simply relax. The off-road trail system here is vast. Some of the trails even extend into the neighboring states of North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana in addition to the Black Hills National Forest. There's another advantage to riding Black Hills ATV rentals off-road, too. Paved roads often become clogged in the summer, particularly around the time of the Sturgis Rally. You'll have a lot more room to move on the trails. The areas around Deadwood and Lead are the most popular spots for UTV travel. Most trails can comfortably accommodate ATV rentals but pay attention to trails that can only accommodate machines that are 50 inches wide and smaller. You won't be able to travel in these areas.

Black Hills National Forest Trails

As part of your rental, we can provide you with maps and information of currently open trails and their conditions. You can also consult the Black Hills National Forest website to get an idea of where you would like to travel. More than 650 miles of trails are designated for off-road travel. The Northern Hills area near Deadwood is a great area to start your Black Hills UTV rental adventure as it encompasses ponderosa pine forests with interesting rock formations. Connect with trails near Galena, Nemo or Iron Creek to explore additional canyons, gulches and other terrain along this massive system. Consider accessing some of these trailheads when making your plans.

Design Your Own Vacation Adventure

If you need help in selecting trails, our experts are here to help. Whether you're looking to see historical sites or simply enjoy the outdoors, we can help you select the right routes that will give you the vacation of a lifetime.

Safety and Tips for Side-by-Side Rentals

Anyone can get on a side-by-side rental and drive it, and although our vehicles are easy to operate, we'll make sure that you know how to run it properly. One of our experts will show you how to stop, start, turn, backup and more when driving your rental vehicle. We want to make sure that you are confident with your UTV before you take it out into the countryside. As a beginner, start out slowly until you get used to it. As you become more confident you can begin to pick up speed. Make sure that you stay completely focused on what you are doing. Always keep your eyes out for blind spots as riding carelessly can become dangerous. If you rent more than one vehicle and are riding with friends, review the meaning of hand signals and make sure everyone understands them. Don't leave your group as it's easier to get lost on your own. Always come prepared for the ride by reviewing the route via maps and noting possible obstructions and hazards in advance.